Hi Kim,
Carter is on my rightóKismet on my left.  Carter is now about 9 months and doing greatóKismet about 24 months and also doing great.

Cheers, Jim
Hi Kim.
Just sending you Guinness one year pic, as you can see we are not a cuddly
little puppy but a 95lb lap dog! We love him soooooo much! Thanks for completing our family.

Sean and Nicolle Reidy
Worcester Massachusetts
Dear Kim,

This was taken a couple of weeks ago.  Kramer always sleeps like this here in my office.  We had to wake him up for the picture.  Of course, itís Ragsí back heís sleeping on.  He just loves his big brother.  They play for hours every day.  Kramer has already graduated from Puppy Kindergarten and is half way through basic obedience at our Dog Training School.  I am not bragging when I say that he is the star of the class.  He is so smart and picks up new commands immediately.  Heís so good that the instructors use him as their demo dog when teaching a new skill.  Now, after all that bragging, I have to tell you that our lives are a living hell right now with Kramer going through his ďteenĒ years.  Heís a typical obnoxious adolescent!  He gets into everything, is very destructive of our furniture, rugs, poor Ragsí neck, etc., so itís a very good thing that heís so cute.  He likes to put both front feet in his water dish and stomp in the water until itís all over the floor and none left in the dish!   We keep threatening to send him back to Maine, but we donít really mean it!  One thing that Iím really pleased about is that he greets strangers and friends very gently and with much affection.  I think heís going to be a great therapy dog (if we let him live!).

Our sonís puppy, Carter, is also doing very well.  Heís a beautiful dog and loves being around all the kids and his brother Dallas.  Iíll try to get a picture of the four of them soon.

All the best,
Hi Kim
Some pictures of Wilson Thing's are going great with him Very entertaining and getting bigger every day. Let us know if you ever want him by for a visit. I'll send some more pictures in the future.
Thanks for a great dog  !!!  Paula and Steve
Hi Kim,
Thanks for responding to my last email. Yesterday, we had a snow blizzard! Nate thoroughly enjoyed running in the snow and had a blast! Here is a picture of him enjoying the cold weather.
He is such a great dog! We love him so much!
Thanks Kim,
The Granat family
Hi Kim,
Born during the Summer Olympics 2008 six little puppies. I am so lucky to have one. Jessie is beautiful to look at and has such a sweet heart. My wish for a little attitude was granted and then some. Jessie has made life here an Olympic game; sailing over baby gates, tiring out the big dogs and recently appearing in a "Show and Go" in agility. Her regal  posture has entertained the neighborhood and all have fallen in love with her. "That Jessie smile" is referred to often as she seems to say "told you so!". Smart, with a 50+ word vocabulary and a great aptitude  for obedience, tricks and agility. (only low jumps for now)... Visa and Shamus did a great job making this proud and enthusiastic puppy. We are so happy to have in our lives.  thanks Kim, mj Farmlett

Hello! Congratulations on your son's graduation, you must be thrilled. I wanted to quickly write to check in and send you a recent photo of Guinness. He is now 9 months, and I have to say is quite a large boy. He weighs in at just about 88 pounds, but the vet says that he is still growing. Amazing. I was curious if his father was that large, as we were able to see his mother at your home and if memory serves correctly she was much smaller! He has become a true member of our family, and is keeping all of us on our toes. We proudly finished puppy school, but are starting back up for puppy II soon.

Shayne O'Brien
Hello Kim

We  just wanted to pass along a photo of Bear.  We got him from you last Christmas.  He is doing great.  He is about 66lbs.- medium size is all.  A good boy!!!

Thank you again, Laurie and Carmine Frumiento
Hey Kim, Wanted to send you a pic of my ball obsessed dog Kasey and to thank you for all the love and companionship I have enjoyed since you entrusted me with his care! He just turned 2 a couple weeks ago and earned his CGC from the AKC. People always comment on his good looks and temperament and ask who bred such a wonderful dog!!  Thanks!!    Joy
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