Hi Kim,
I wanted to give you an update on Cooper and Myles. Myles turned 1 on Monday. My parents came to visit for a few days so we took this picture yesterday. Myles is doing great with my parents. He just finished a second training class and graduated 2 weeks early! My mom is very proud! It was her first time going through a training class and she plans to do more. The trainer said he's one smart little guy and a great candidate for Canine Good Citizen so she's thinking about doing that with him. They are also going to install the invisible fence once the snow is gone. He keep them laughing..a big ham! Cooper is also doing great. He's almost 4 which is hard to believe. He spent last weekend at Profile and Cindy said he was more active and seems much happier. The whole situation couldn't have worked out better. My parents are completely in love with Myles and he has become very attached to them. We will see him again in 2 weeks.
Hope all is well!

Hi Kim:
Just a quick email with a couple of Pics of Guinness and Murphy. He's
about 50 pounds now is doing well. Guinness is, as alway, the best dog in the world.
Best wishes, Jim O'Connor

Here's the latest photos of Riggs, she is absolutely gorgeous...people stop us on the streets. Bonnie

Hi Kim, Here are some cute pictures of Carver. He is such a great dog. We get complements every where we go. He is so handsome! Here are so funny pics of him. The one of hims swimming was a while ago. It was his first time really swimming. You can't get him out of the water now. We will be looking to get another pup for my boyfriends Father probably during summer or early fall. Are you planning on having any litters around then? Take care!

Hi Kim!
How are you? I heard you are no longer in Naples and are in the Kingfield area? I am living in Portland now and it’s hard to believe that Murphy is almost 3 years old. I cannot tell you how much joy he has brought to my life and how my joy McGuire has brought to my parents’ lives. We get them together at least once a week and spoil them rotten. I am thinking about getting Murphy another brother or sister :)
I attached a recent pic of Murphy from this winter…he has such a personality and everyone who meets him falls in love with him. I hope you are well, Kim!
Regards, Amy

Snippets of Bos'n in Washington!

Snippets of Bos'n in Washington!

Hi Kim,
We wanted to let you know that Finn and Kenzie are doing well, are becoming good sailors, and are being absolutely adorable. I've attached a photo of them on our rubber dinghy - they love the speed!
They idolize our 11-yr.-old Golden, Mac, and are making friends with our kitty, Tiana.
All our best, Lyn & Paul Mayewski

Hi Kim
David took this picture this weekend and I thought you would get a kick out of it. Chloe is quite the photo queen! She loves the boat and loves swimming even more! Hope all is well with you !
Melanie Bowden, Bar Harbor

New puppy Charlie has proved not only to be extremely bright & handsome, but a great traveler as well. We arrived safely at the ranch at midnight. Charlie was a very happy air traveler: bright eyed & curious as he kept track of everything going on around him (in between naps) from the seat or his Sherpa bag. The only time he fussed was when I tried to close the top of the bag (so I left it open), and when he went into the crate in the car (he’s NOT loving the crate, and has not hesitated to let me know).
Today Charlie has been tearing around checking everything out at about a million miles per hour (why walk when you can gallop)! As I write this, he is sound asleep while I sip my coffee (made at 5:30am) and look through the photos from Charlie’s first day at the ranch (a few are enclosed).
Big brother Jonah will be joining in the fun this afternoon, hopefully by then my hair will no longer be standing on end and I will have finished that “first” cup of coffee
Love to all! Kathi

We made it home safe and sound but it wasn't until 8:00 PM due to the very nasty weather (there was a tornado that hit about 25 miles from our house). Anyway, he ate this morning and is getting acclimated just fine. I'll send some pics once we get some more - I attached one for now.
Thanks for everything, Jason, Tracy and Jacob

He is a great dog but has a little stubborn streak. He went to puppy obedience and did pretty good. He is 6 months old today and weighs 61 pounds. He is still on the diet you recommended. He is super friendly to everyone and just loves the water. We are very happy to have gotten him.
Gail and Gary

Just wanted to say Hi! Louie is great, hope all is well with you!

Hi Kim, How are you? Carver is getting so big. It seems like he lost all of his winter coat but the fur just keeps coming off, haha! cheers, Christina

Good Morning Kim,
I'm not sure if you remember me but I bought a beautiful Golden Retriever from you back in 1997. He (Riley) was born on January 31st 1997 (liter # SN417788/01). He has been our best friend and companion for the last 11 1/2 years. Riley did everything with me all of the time!A little over a month ago he was diagnosed with prostate cancer and last evening we had to put Riley down. I've attached some recent photo's of Riley and want you to know he had an excellent full life. Everyone who met him knew he was a special dog they also know he and I went hand in hand.
Sincerely, Ryan Herrick

Hi Kim,
Just wanted to update you on Kloey. She graduated Puppy Kindergarten this week and also did some agility classes. She is very smart and listens well.
Take care, Priscilla Czarnecki

Happy Holidays, We just wanted to send you a picture of Gracey and her brother Jonah. Gracey is doing just fine. My wife and I wanted to thank you again. She is awesome.
Dennis & Adrienne Vigilante

Hi Kim, We love that puppy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Binaris'

Hi Kim, At Emily's age, it would seem that the best presents still come unwrapped! Cheers, Tracy

Hi Kim, Wishing you the Happiest Holiday and a Wonderful New Year!
Much Love,  Ann, Jo, Phoenix, Katy and Coal

Hi Kim, On the day before Rags' birthday, I just wanted to let you know how extremely pleased we are with him. Rags is just the best dog. He sailed through Puppy Kindergarten and Basic Obedience and is now half way through Advanced Obedience and is the star of the class. He gets along with all other dogs and cats; he loves children, he's smart and very funny. I'm already using him in my work, even though he's too young to take the certification test. He'll take it next month, but I have complete confidence in his good nature, his kindliness and gentle manner. I took him along when I visited a Montessori school. We visited two classes of thirty pre-schoolers each and he was absolutely perfect, even though the kids were hanging all over him and shouting and generally being typical pre-schoolers. I also took him to an assisted living facility for seniors. Many of them were forgetful and confused, but you would have been proud to see how patiently he went from one to another, standing quietly so they could pet him, and then doing it all over again several times because some of them kept forgetting they had already met him. He brought alot of joy into their rather dreary day. Rags is very big boned, although I don't think he's much over 24" and he weighs about 80 lbs, maybe more. He hasn't been to the vet in a while for me to weigh him but he's not at all chubby, just big boned with heavy muscles. We have had no health problems, except that we have to keep after his ears. We joke that he's not really a Golden Retriever because he doesn't have much interest in retrieving and also doesn't seem to like the water, but we'll try that again this summer. Maybe he was just too young last year. And maybe it's my fault, as I don't work with him to retrieve and we don't go to the beach often. He does get plenty of exercise playing with our other dog, Webster. They love each other and spend hours stealing toys from each other and chasing around. When they get tired of that, they chase the cats until the cats get tired of it and put them in their place. We brag about Rags all the time, and everyone who meets him wants to know where we got him. I give them your name and hope some of these people will get puppies from you. I know they'll be pleased if they do. If we ever get another puppy, we know where he'll come from!
Many thanks, George and Carolyn Currey

Max is wonderful!  At 5 1/2 months he is already 50 pounds and quite a handsome guy. EVERYONE  who knows him loves him and he has a very large social circle of other dog pals. He spends lots of time walking with me so he is in great physical shape, and is progressing quite well in his obedience classes.  He does have a stubborn streak and sometimes completely ignores me by not making eye contact with me.  It's hard not to laugh as I know exactly what is he doing. He is very intelligent. We are committed to a dog therapy program starting in August when Max is one and can get his certification.  There is one hospital that we are signed up to visit, although my goal is Children's Hospital in Boston.  They require dogs to be two years old so we will have to wait for that. I know Max will love it as he very gentle with people and quite laid back.  It absolutely amazes everyone that he is so young yet so calm and well behaved. As I am typing this he just came over and laid down at my feet and put his head on my foot.  I LOVE THIS POOCH! Here are some pictures, one with cousin Sophie.
I will keep you posted on his progress. 
Thanks again for our Max.
Nina and Francesco

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