If your interested in a puppy please fill out our Online Puppy questionnaire

Prospective Client Questionnaire

It is our responsibility to ensure our puppies a loving, caring home where they are part of the family. This application is designed to help us understand your home environment and to ensure you are in agreement with our breeding philosophy. We sell to clients who:

1. You will enthusiastically agree to have your pet neutered . WE DO NOT SELL BREEDING STOCK.

2. You will provide 24-hour supervision. For example, our puppies are not to be left alone all day while adults are at work. If this is necessary, arrangements for day care with older children, grandparents, pet sitters, etc. are satisfactory

3. You will treat the puppy as part of the family. Puppies are not to be tethered to a tree or doghouse, on outside runs, or to be left out overnight.

In order to stay on the list for a pending litter, prospective purchasers must complete and return this questionnaire. Once we receive your questionnaire you will be placed on the list and notified when the pups are born.

If we have a puppy that meets your requirements we will expect a $500.00 non-refundable deposit. (Deposit refunds will be given only if there is no puppy available.) We encourage your calls during the first six weeks to check the progress of the litter and a visit to "play with the puppies", usually at six weeks of age.
Spouse's Occupation
Current housing situation
Where will dog be during the day?
Where will the dog be when you are out of town?
During the night?
Will you use a crate to housetrain your dog?
Ages of adults and children in home
If you have other pets, please list them here:
Have you owned a Golden Retriever before?
Please list any specific requirements
you would have of your next dog:
Do you have a fenced in yard?
What are your plans for this puppy?
References: Please list two personal references:
With names and phone numbers
Vet Reference - please include phone number:
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