Fan Mail

Well Monty is 9 now and boy do we love him. Steve and I and the two children Ben 5 and Grace 3 just want to thank you again for a wonderful addition to our family. Who knew 9 years ago that this friendship would be so great. Monty has weathered storms with us (Cancer on his nose) the birth of our two children (how dare we add anyone but him) and the loss of my father. Monty is still a pillow carrying, stuffed animal eating, ball chasing bundle of love. We can not thank you enough. From the bottom of our hearts, tons of love from the Weed Patch! Cherie, Steve, Ben, Grace and Monty


Dear Kim,

It's been just about a year & a half now since we brought Max home and into our lives. He's definitely part of the family.  He's got such a great personality, has lots of energy and is the biggest snuggle bunny (when he wants to be)!  We can't imagine our lives without him.

We seem to get compliments when ever we take him out.  I feel like we should be carrying around your business cards because we always get asked where we got him from and if you have a website.  J

Thank you for all that you do!  We can't wait to get Max a sister! 

Kathleen, Jason & Max

max summer time.jpg

Hi Kim,
I just wanted to send a few pix of Abbot your way.  He is so well loved and spoiled by all who meet him!  He gets to see vet Judy and also the gang at Mother Nature's Pet every so often, and they all just fawn over his devilishly handsome puppy smile.  He loves the horses and my parents' elderly golden, Paddington.  I think he thinks everybody was designed to be his playmate.  Hope all is well with all of your gang near and far!  Thank you so much for breeding such wonderful dogs.


Hi Kim I still can only send one e-mail at a time so I'll send a couple in a row. Eli remains wonderful. Loving, well-behaved and gorgeous!
Fondly Molly Stanley

Hi Kim,
Sure that would be great. It's
Actually Colby is on the front page of it!
I hope you don't mind that we give out your name. People just absolutely love him when they come in the shop. He really has been a great puppy. So laid back and easy going. Lots of coat is so thick! Allot of people ask if he is mixed with something else because of the amount of coat he has. We have to really keep up with grooming him!


Hello Kim,
Tim Turner here. We added an addition to our family about six years ago from your flock. She has been such a wonderful girl. Her parents were Xena & Max. Her personality still cracks us up as she still behaves like a puppy. Thought you might like to see a few pic’s over the years. Best Regards, Tim Turner

Hello Kim,
Tim Turner here. We added an addition to our family about six years ago from your flock. She has been such a wonderful girl. Her parents were Xena & Max. Her personality still cracks us up as she still behaves like a puppy. Thought you might like to see a few pic’s over the years. Best Regards, Tim Turner


Hi Kim

Many thanks for a wonderful dog, now gainfully employed with a full skill set.

Gracie is one smart, very alert Golden. More so than we have seen.

Best of all we are really enjoying her. Hope you are enjoying your litter of 12, a challenge to be sure.

Tom & Barbara


Hi Kim:
Just a quick email with a couple of Pics of Guinness and Murphy. He's
about 50 pounds now is doing well. Guinness is, as always, the best dog in
the world.
Best wishes, Jim O'Connor

Guinness and Murphy.jpg

Hi Kim,
Our Brady is doing beautifully. He has a new playmate, our son Owen, and as you can already imagine they are best friends. My parents' (Lorna and Butch) dog Andy is also doing well. We love our goldens!
Thank you, Jill Cotta


Hi Kim,
Finn and Kenzie are doing well - full of energy and vinegar!!!Have attached a couple of photos that I took today. Hope all is well with you! All our best, lyn & Paul


Hi Kim,
Abbot is tremendous! He is incredibly handsome, easy going, sweet, and well loved! He comes to work with me every day and just about everywhere else, too. Here are a couple of recent pix from my phone. You wont believe what a big man he is getting to be! Take care, Emily


We are doing well. Roxy is turning out to be a beautiful girl. We are training her and she will be going out with Pam and Mark very soon. Just wanted to get her clearances done. Here is a recent picture from The Garden State Specialty. I know breeders like to see what their stud dogs produce. I don't know if she resembles Hubbs but she is very pretty.
Goldenway Goldens


Happy Halloween from the Great Pumpkin (and I mean Murphy in case you were wondering)

I can hardly wait to see all the little gremlins and monsters,

I wonder if there will be any candy left over – hmmmm.
Kathy Porter

Murphy and the Great Pumpkin 10-31-08.jpg

Hi Kim - our Rio is nearing his 5th birthday (December 1) and I thought it would be nice for you to see a couple of pictures of him. The snow pictures are from last year when we were inundated with so much snow the backyard became practically inaccessible. (We had to snow blow a path so Rio could get around). The other pictures are from a camping trip to Wells, ME in our RV. Rio loves to travel and is a great camper!

Rio goes to work Monday-Friday with my husband and there are actually customers who occasionally stop in just to pet him. Rio has his favorite people who he greets with wags and whines but he loves everyone! On the weekends, he spends his days with me, either out in the yard or running errands or just relaxing. Of course, we vacation in the RV and Rio is always with us. In fact, he is rarely left home alone, but in those few instances when he can't go with us, he jumps on the couch in the family room to sulk or gets into his crate to snooze till we come home (his crate door is always open and he is free to go in and out as he pleases). We couldn't have special-ordered a better companion and friend...
Just wanted to let you know that we love him beyond reason.....

Bonnie and Dennis Reed


Hi Kim
I know it has been two years since I gave you an update from Dad's plane.
Dad was very pleased with me on my Spring birthday hunt this year when I
started to retrieve the quail to his hand. It is fall now and and we have
pheasants in our sights! Most people who see me only think of me as pretty
showgirl but as you can see I earn my kibble by being a working girl. Midas
and I live to hunt and Dad makes sure we see a lot of birds each year.
About a month ago, our household routine was upset when you made Callie(nee Notion) available to the Maryland McClures. She is an extraordinary pup and if you know how much Dad likes puppies you can imagine how jealous I was. She stepped right in as the littlest golden in the pack and trundled out the door on all our walks. Dad taught her how to swim and it
took a few days for me to realize what a fun playmate she could be. After she left, I slept all day and then really started to miss her. Dad says we will see her from time to time and he is lobbying to get her for about a month
nextfall to have her hunt with us. He thinks she has too much potential to waste.
You should know I am still having a wonderful Golden life.

PS Yesterday Feather and I went on our first hunt without three
quail on a clean up hunt and all retrieved to goes on but we sure
miss Midas

featherlc (1) (1).jpg